Mask Sewing Patterns

The two patterns included here are the patterns that Operation Bandana NM requests our volunteers use. However, if you have a pattern that you prefer to use, please continue to use it.

How to Make a Face Mask

Just Fabric Pattern

Adobe Reader is needed to view these patterns. Download Adobe Reader at

Making Bias Tape

Elastic vs. Bias Tape

OBNM has no preference for elastic or bias tape. If you ask us to provide cut fabric for you to sew masks, we may provide one or the other, depending on availability. When deciding what you want to sew, you may consider the following:

The “Pros” of Using Elastic for Masks

  • Fast and easy to use when sewing
  • Fast and easy for the wearer to put on

The “Cons” of Using Elastic for Masks

  • May cause skin irritation for the wearer
  • May lose its elasticity after multiple washings
  • May be too large for the wearer
  • Is currently difficult to find for purchase

The “Pros” of Using Bias Tape

  • Can be made from any fabric
  • Provides a more secure fit for the wearer
  • Does not irritate skin
  • Can be stylishly matched to the face covering

The “Cons” of Using Bias Tape

  • Difficult to make without a bias tape maker
  • Even using the bias tape maker, it can be “fussy” to make
  • Slightly more time-consuming than elastic to sew onto a mask


We would like to thank The Turban Project for the use of their Face Mask Pattern. An effort run by volunteers who sew, this group that provides turbans and head coverings for patients who have lost their hair for medical reasons. They stock 50 hospitals and have created and donated over 45,000 turbans, courage caps, beanies, crochet/knit hats, scarves,  and reusable medical face masks since June of 2012.